About Us

The A P Birding Udaipur is a company which provides tour for school children, visitors, students, families and those people who want to see and identify these beautiful birds of nature and those who want to learn and experience the activities in their natural habitat. A P Birding Udaipur also helps to researchers in research of bird biology.

Why do bird watching?

Many hobbies require a lot of training and equipment to get started, with bird watching, the only need is some interest, a little extra time from your busy schedule, a binocular and a good resource to help you to identify hundreds of bird species.

Like many things in life, bird watching is a fun and enjoyable hobby. Once you do bird watching you may find yourself in a new world. There is no pressure to compete and you set your own goal. You can start bird watching in your own backyard or neighborhood park. Bird watching gets you out of the house where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and get some fresh air. Through bird watching, you can get an opportunity to make new friends having the same interest.

There are almost 242 species of birds found in Udaipur city and its surrounding water bodies, out of that 102 species are aquatic and 140 species are terrestrial birds. Every year in winter season 150 species of migratory birds visited at Udaipur. AP Birding Udaipur provides you an opportunity to interact with these birds.

    How to bird watch

  1. Always look at a bird first with your necked eye.
  2. With the help of binocular, observe colour and size of birds.
  3. Observe the shape and colour of bill and size and colour of leg.
  4. Habitat is also a useful consideration.
  5. Finally songs and calls are excellent identification mechanism.
  6. Write down above all observation in a note book and with a good field guide match identification character and confirm the bird.